Combination therapies may be the hot new buzzword in anti-aging treatments, but Dr. Purewal has been a pioneer in combining therapies for optimal full facial rejuvenation outcomes for over a decade. Dr. Purewal studied under Dr. Stephen Bosniak and Dr. Robert Della Rocca, both credited as innovators in developing a combination therapy approach.  

Why are combination therapies so effective?

Most of us have multiple areas of concern as we age, from sagging or crepey skin, to wrinkles, to age spots, to hooded or baggy eyes, to scarring or loss of fat volume. There is no single “magic wand” that will treat all of our concerns at once — and certainly none that will leave us looking natural and refreshed. Combining therapies like fillers for loss of facial volume + photofacials to treat sagging skin and age spots + Botox or similar injections to reduce wrinkles allow you to address multiple concerns in a single visit, minimize downtime, and maximize results.

Combination Therapies include:

Fresh Lift  |   Fresh Lift Mini   |   Arch Envy  |  Bright EyesPerfect Pucker

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