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Be in the right hands

Dr. Baljeet K Purewal and her team, to be exact. Our skills make you look youthful, but we do more than that, too. Fresh Face and Eye is a pressure-free environment to ask, learn and discover, so you feel empowered to make clear and informed decisions that make you feel good. We believe knowledge is power, which is true beauty.

Our work is grounded in empathy, kindness, integrity and commitment to patient care and safety. For a smile and confidence that reaches your eyes.

Be in the right hands

Board Certified Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Board Certified Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Surgeon.

As a board-certified Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Baljeet K. Purewal specialises in cosmetic eyelid surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Practicing for over a decade in the Northern New Jersey area, Dr. Purewal is known for her devoted commitment in understanding and tailoring her services to meet each of her patients’ unique and specific needs.

With a strong emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship which sees her patients become regulars, her sound perspective and skilled techniques deliver transformative and natural-looking results.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of eyelids along with minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures comprise a large portion of Dr. Purewal’s practice. She has authored numerous publications on reconstructive and cosmetic oculofacial surgery in peer-reviewed journals, and is known for her written chapters in several cosmetic and plastic surgery textbooks.

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