Microneedling Before & After Photo. Procedure by Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal (Oculoplastic Surgeon) in New Jersey.


Concerns: dark undereye circles and dullness to skin

Treatment: after first session of microneedling

Microneedling performed by Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal in New Jersey.

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Microneedling in New Jersey


Microneedling in NJ with Dr. Purewal

Microneedling, which is also referred to as collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a minimally-invasive treatment that is designed to address a variety of skin issues. These issues range from fine lines and wrinkles to hair loss. Individuals from all over the Northern New Jersey area visit Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal’s state-of-the-art office looking for solutions to various aesthetic skin issues. At Fresh Face & Eye, Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Specialist, Dr. Baljeet Purewal, is helping people attain the aesthetic features they desire.

What is Microneedling in New Jersey?

Microneedling is a treatment that is performed using a device referred to as a Dermapen. This Dermapen is an automated mechanical device that uses fine, sterile needles to create tiny micro punctures in the skin. These fine needles penetrate the skin, creating small injuries. The needles used in the Dermapen vary in length, allowing Dr. Purewal to choose a needle designed to reach a precise depth.

What Issues Can Microneedling in New Jersey Address?

Collagen induction therapy can be used to address some of the most common skin issues and aesthetic concerns.

Skin issues and aesthetic concerns that microneedling in New Jersey can address include:

  • Fine lines.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Overly large pores.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Sunspots.
  • Scarring.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Acne.
  • Alopecia.
  • Rosacea.
  • Melasma.
  • Loose skin.
  • Uneven skin texture.

Microneedling is safe for use on all skin types and every skin color. Since this treatment causes very little damage to the epidermis, collagen induction therapy offers individuals with darker skin tones a safer alternative to traditional lasers and chemical peels.

Areas where stretch mark treatments can be performed include the:

  • Hips.
  • Thighs.
  • Upper arms.
  • Buttocks.
  • Abdomen.

What Causes the Skin Changes That Occur with Age?

As part of the natural aging process, the body reduces the amount of collagen it produces. Collagen is the protein that gives the skin its youthful texture and tone. This reduction in collagen contributes to the fine lines and wrinkles that develop. In addition to reducing collagen production, the body slows its production of elastin. Elastin is the protein that gives the skin its elasticity.

How Does Collagen Induction Therapy Work?

During a microneedling procedure, Dr. Baljeet Purewal uses a Dermapen to create micro injuries in the treatment area. These tiny injuries trigger the body to release growth factors. This release of growth factors causes the body to increase its production of collagen and elastin.

The increase in the production of these two proteins results in the patient’s skin becoming tighter, smoother, more flexible and brighter. With a microneedling procedure, patients can enjoy a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance without having surgery.

Add-On Treatments to Enhance Microneedling in New Jersey

Many of Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal’s patients are also good candidates for add-on treatments that are specifically designed to enhance the results attained with a microneedling procedure (e.g., platelet-rich fibrin [PRF]).

Microneedling and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Platelet-rich fibrin combined with a microneedling procedure can be used to improve a patient’s skin even more. When Dr. Purewal performs these two procedures simultaneously, the patient’s skin quality and texture are greatly improved.

This combination procedure is also used to treat dark circles. In addition, PRF can be injected into troublesome areas to yield an even better result.

Reasons Patients Choose NJ Microneedling Over Other Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

When compared with some of the other skin rejuvenation techniques available in New Jersey, the benefits of collagen induction therapy go beyond just improving the skin’s tone and texture.

Other benefits include:

  • All the skin layers remain intact.
  • Fewer side effects.
  • Minimal healing time.
  • Less pain.

The microneedling procedure can also significantly improve wrinkles, decrease the size of the pores and reduce the visibility of acne scars.

How Deep Do the Microneedles of the Dermapen Penetrate?

Needle depth typically relates to the condition being treated and the thickness of the skin in the targeted areas. Dr. Baljeet Purewal usually determines the depth that the microneedles will penetrate into the skin prior to the procedure.

Does the Microneedling Procedure Hurt?

To minimize discomfort, Dr. Purewal applies a topical numbing cream before she begins collagen induction therapy. In addition, the state-of-the-art tool (i.e., the Dermapen) she uses during the procedure vibrates. This vibration helps interrupt the receptors responsible for signaling the brain to feel pain.

Are Some Areas of the Face and Neck More Sensitive Than Others?

Yes, certain areas are slightly more sensitive than others. For example, areas with less tissue (e.g., the forehead) tend to be more sensitive than the areas that have more tissue (e.g., the cheeks), nonetheless, Dr. Baljeet Purewal’s patients tend to tolerate Fresh Face & Eye’s microneedling procedure very well.

How Long Does a New Jersey Microneedling Procedure at Fresh Face & Eye Take?

Patients who are having their full face treated should expect to remain in the office for approximately 40 minutes.

Patients having their full face and neck treated will need an additional 20 minutes, for a total treatment time of 60 minutes.

What to Expect After a Microneedling Procedure with Dr. Purewal in New Jersey

After Dr. Purewal performs collagen induction therapy using the Dermapen, she will apply a special serum and sunscreen to the areas she just treated.

Recovering from a New Jersey Microneedling Procedure

Initially, the skin becomes inflamed, which causes it to appear red or flushed for several hours following the treatment. Once the redness subsides, the skin will have a pink hue for several days. Areas that required more aggressive treatment may remain pink longer.

For the first 24 hours following collagen induction therapy, patients need to refrain from performing strenuous activities, exercises or participating in any other activity that could cause them to perspire. Avoiding perspiration is important because following this procedure, the patient’s pores will be open.

For the initial six hours after the microneedling treatment, it is vital that patients do not touch or wash the areas that Dr. Purewal treated.

Anti-inflammatory medicines should be avoided for at least 24 hours before and 24 hours after a microneedling treatment. Following this restriction is very important because taking an anti-inflammatory medication before or after this procedure interferes with the body’s natural inflammatory response, which is necessary for the desired skin changes to occur.

At some point within the 72 hours following treatment, the patient’s skin will feel dry. It may also begin peeling or flaking off. These side effects are normal and result due to the increase in the amount of skin the patient’s body is turning over.

Caring for the Skin Following a Microneedling Treatment in New Jersey

While good hydration is always important, it is especially vital following a skin treatment. For this reason, Dr. Baljeet Purewal provides her patients with specific instructions related to which moisturizers will maximize the patient’s treatment results.

Patients can use cool compresses to alleviate some of the side effects associated with the microneedling procedure.

Besides inflammation, these side effects can include:

  • Burning.
  • A general feeling of discomfort.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Flushed-looking skin.

After a microneedling treatment, patients must avoid exposure to UV rays (e.g., sunlight and tanning beds) for at least three days, but potentially up to 10.

Collagen Induction Therapy Results

Most of Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal’s patients recognize changes in their skin within just a few days of treatment. Some of these changes include smoother skin, quicker and easier foundation application, smaller pores and healthy, vibrant-looking skin. In addition, skin care products tend to penetrate deeper into the treated areas than they did before the patient had collagen induction therapy.

Short-Term Results

The treated areas are plumper and more radiant.

Long-Term Results

The treated areas continue to create more collagen and elastin, resulting in skin that is thicker and smoother than before.

How Long is the Recovery Process Following an NJ Microneedling Treatment?

The aggressiveness of the treatment determines healing time. However, patients should expect their recovery to last anywhere from two to five days.

The majority of Dr. Purewal’s patients feel comfortable enough to return to their approved normal activities within 72 hours of their treatment.

Patients can apply makeup once they are 24 hours post-surgery. Before the patient reaches this 24-hour mark, makeup must be strictly avoided.

How Long Does It Take to See the Results After a Microneedling Treatment in New Jersey?

As the growth hormones stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, the proteins that are essential for optimal skin health, tone and vibrancy, the patient’s skin continues to improve. While some improvement may be seen right away, significant improvement usually becomes visible at the 10- to 14-day mark.

Patients should see an overall improvement in their:

  • Fine lines.
  • Skin texture.
  • Pores.
  • Skin tone.
  • Pigmentation variances.
  • Scarring.
  • Dark circles.

When the patient chooses to have collagen induction therapy at regular intervals, his or her skin will continue to improve as the treatments trigger the body to produce more and more of these vital proteins.

How Many Treatments Does it Take to Obtain Optimal Results?

Although patients will see some results following their first treatment, Dr. Purewal recommends that her patients have three treatments spaced from four to six weeks apart. She makes this recommendation because the most dramatic results are seen when a patient has three collagen induction therapy treatments in a row.

To Maintain the Best NJ Microneedling Results, How Frequently Should This Procedure Be Performed?

Having regular collagen induction therapy promotes continued collagen and elastin production as well as skin cell renewal. Unlike dermal fillers and onabotulinumtoxinA injections, microneedling can be performed regularly to maintain healthier skin with a more youthful appearance. Regular collagen induction therapy treatments offer patients long term results.

How Much Does a Microneedling Procedure in New Jersey Cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the patient’s specific aesthetic goals. During the initial consultation, Dr. Baljeet Purewal will be able to determine how much the patient’s collagen induction therapy will cost.

If you are or will be in the Northern NJ area and you are contemplating a treatment like microneedling, please contact Fresh Face & Eye today at (973) 635-4000 to book an appointment. Patients who would like to request their appointment using the online form and those who are interested in scheduling a virtual consultation please click here.

As a Board-Certified Oculoplastics and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, Expert Injector, Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Specialist, Dr. Baljeet K. Purewal is dedicated to providing each of her patients with the beautiful, natural-looking results they desire. Dr. Purewal’s state-of-the-art office is located at 82 Main Street, Chatham, New Jersey.

Do you have skin envy?

If you’re tired of looking at smooth, perfect skin and wishing that could be you, you should consider microneedling treatments. As we age, collagen production slows down, contributing to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture. Microneedling increases the production of collagen and other healing factors, helping restore the elasticity and glow of youthful skin.

Microneedling can be used to treat:

  • wrinkles
  • scarring
  • acne
  • alopecia
  • skin pigmentation including melasma
  • stretch marks
  • rosacea
  • loose skin resulting from weight loss or liposuction

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling is a technique that uses multiple tiny, sterile needles to puncture the skin and cause physical trauma. This trauma prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to rebuild. Often, we’ll combine microneedling with other treatments such as PRF to enhance the effects of microneedling.

Does microneedling hurt?

Microneedling has been likened to the feeling of sandpaper gently moving across your skin. On bony areas, like the forehead, microneedling causes a bit of pain. For patients who are more sensitive, we offer numbing cream. Numbing cream is applied topically and takes about 15 minutes to work.

What should I expect after microneedling?

Your skin will initially have an inflammatory effect, causing redness/pinkness that may last for 12 to 48 hours. Try not to touch or wash your skin for the first 4 to 6 hours after a treatment. It is highly recommended that you avoid strenuous exercise or sweating for 24 hours due to open pores. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications 24 hours before or after the treatment as these will interfere with your body’s inflammatory response that is necessary to transform your skin.

Pro tip: eating fresh pineapple will enhance the healing process and help with any skin discomfort.

Within 24 to 72 hours after your treatment, your skin will feel dry and may begin flaking or peeling. This is caused by increased skin turnover. You can help your skin heal by keeping it very well hydrated (always important, but especially so after any skin treatment). Dr. Purewal will give specific instructions on the best moisturizers to use to maximize the results of your treatment.

Cool compresses help alleviate discomfort after peel if excessive discomfort, burning, redness, or swelling is persistent. Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of three days up to ten days.

How long do microneedling results last?

Microneedling is a treatment that is safe to have performed every 4-6 weeks. Regular treatments promote sustained collagen production and increased skin cell renewal. Unlike fillers or BOTOX, micro needling is something you can do on a regular basis to improve the health and appearance of your skin for the long term.

FAQ: Microneedling

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a collagen induction treatment using an automated mechanical device called a Dermapen. The penetration of fine needles at a precise depth creates tiny micropunctures, or injuries to the skin. This creates a wound healing response that stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin, both are key ingredients to healthier, younger looking skin. Microneedling is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunspots, melasma, large pores, acne scars and dark circles. It is suitable for all skin types. For darker skin types, microneedling can be a safer alternative to chemical peels and lasers.

Is it painful?

Applying numbing cream prior to the treatment minimizes the discomfort. Also, the vibration of the Dermapen device helps to interrupt pain receptors. Certain areas along the bone are a little more sensitive compared to the cheeks but overall, this should be an easy to tolerate procedure.

What will I look like after?

Your skin will look red and flushed for a few hours. After that subsides, it will have a pinkish hue for the next few days. Areas that were treated a little more aggressively may be a little pinker for longer.

How long is the recovery?

Depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment, healing may take 2-5 days. Most people feel comfortable returning to their normal activities after 48-72 hours.

When can I wear make-up again?

Make-up can be worn again after 24 hours. It should be strictly avoided prior to that.

What kind of improvement can I expect in my skin after microneedling?

Microneedling with Dermapen will benefit your skin by building collagen and elastin. Improvement can be seen 10-14 days after the first treatment but is best seen 3 months after treatment. Patients should expect to see an overall improvement in skin texture and tone, fine lines, pores, pigmentation, scarring and improvement in dark circles.

How many treatments are necessary?

We recommend a series of 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. Although results can be seen after the first treatment, the most dramatic results occur with the cumulative effect of treatment.

What is Microneedling with platelet rich fibrin (PRF)?

Microneedling can be combined with platelet rich fibrin (PRF) to further improve the quality and texture of the skin. We especially like the improvement in outcome with this combination in treating dark circles. The PRF can also be injected into trouble areas yielding even better results.


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