Cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery comprise a large part of the surgical practice of Baljeet K. Purewal, MD who has been practicing in the New York/New Jersey metro area for over a dozen years. Dr. Purewal is an award-winning oculofacial plastic surgeon who trained under the philosophy of combination therapies for natural-looking results.

Why is Dr. Purewal the Right Surgeon for You?

Dr. Purewal places a strong emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship.  She values taking the time to understand and tailor services to meet your unique and specific needs while using her sound perspective and techniques enable her to deliver natural-looking results using multiple modalities. She is known for her kindness, integrity, and commitment to patient care and safety.

Dr. Purewal’s extreme dedication to detail ensures she truly studies your unique face and develops a treatment plan according to your concerns and facial structure to deliver the best possible, natural look. Don’t be surprised if your friends and family comment on how refreshed and rested you look.

Surgical Procedures include:

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)  |  Ptosis Repair  |  Eyelid Growths   |  Chalazion   |  Ectropion  |  Entropion

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